Debuting Our New Look


If you’re reading this in Google Reader or some other feed, you might want to click through to the site – because it has a shiny new look to match the new look for the Cahill Witch Chronicles! It’s a little darker, a little more mysterious, while hopefully still keeping the same lush, romantic feel – just like the new covers!

The Books page is my favorite because there are now TWO covers there – it’s like they’re sister-books! *is such a dork* But you can also find an updated list of my favorite reads, and some fantastic reviews of BORN WICKED, and how to get in touch with me (I love hearing from readers!).

The Mundie Moms debuted the STAR CURSED cover this morning. I love it. I especially love the colors, and the stars, and the determined look on Cate’s face. I like to think that she discovers her own fierceness in this middle book. You can also read the entire first chapter of STAR CURSED on their site. (Please note: it’s a pretty major spoiler for BORN WICKED.) In it, you get to meet two of my new favorite characters, Mei Zhang and Alice Auclair, as well as the love-to-hate Brother O’Shea.  Check it out and let me know what you think!

And stay tuned…I’ll be posting my YA Scavenger Hunt entry soon, with a bonus contest!


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