STAR CURSED Links Round-Up

Hi! OMG, so much going on online this week! Buckle in & follow the links for several giveaways!

First – right here at my blog, two debut authors are doing giveaways – a signed copy of YA thriller INSOMNIA by Jenn Johansson and an internationally-open signed copy of historical MG EVERY DAY AFTER by Laura Golden! You can also read about how I found inspiration in a graveyard last week.

In case you missed any, here are this week’s stops on the STAR CURSED blog tour! Check out annotated snippets from the book:

​Monday -​ Green Bean Teen Queen​: in which Cate & Finn speak for the first time since she left Chatham

​Tuesday​ – I Read Banned Books​: in which we meet Sister Inez​

​Wednesday​ – Two Chicks on Books​: in which Cate & Finn have an argument​

Thursday​ – Forever YA​: in which Cate goes to Harwood Asylum ​

​Friday​ – Story Siren: in which Cate finally meets her godmother​

I also did an interview with the fabulous Marie Lu at Pub Crawl, in which I talk about writing diverse characters, swoony good guys, and the dress I’m currently coveting.

I expand more on my fashion obsessions (currently – Modcloth, Vera Bradley, and Julep) in this When I’m Not Writing feature at Tynga’s Reviews. (note: STAR CURSED giveaway)

Stacee flails over STAR CURSED and I reveal which author I fangirl over at Adventures of a Book Junkie. (note: international BORN WICKED giveaway)

STAR CURSED has also gotten some awesomesauce reviews, and I wanted to share two of them that made me over-the-moon delighted:

From April at Good Books and Good WineStar Cursed dials all of the emotional reactions up a notch and left me simultaneously cursing Spotswood and praising Spotswood…I don’t often get the chance to read about such strong sibling relationships in fantasy​…​I ​don’t really know if Spotswood meant for it to be so female-empowered and so anti-patriarchy, but either way that is my impression and y’all I fist pumped like the dork I am because I love subversion.​​ (Note: I did! And this review made me so happy!​!!)

​Rachel at Fiktshun gives SC a 6-star off-the-menu rating: ​While I anticipated the author’s gorgeous writing, her lovable characters and the amazing world she created, she still managed to surprise me with her sequel. STAR CURSED is so much more suspenseful than its predecessor, there is quite a bit of action packed into the story, the betrayal goes so much deeper, the plot is far more complex. And the ending… shocking, heartbreaking, torturous to the nth degree.

​Stay tuned tomorrow for an announcement of a fun STAR CURSED picture contest​ that will run for the next two weeks! And on Monday, the Summer Solstice Sequels tour kicks off, featuring sequels from me, Liz Richards (PHOENIX), Fiona Paul (BELLADONNA), and Lili Peloquin (THIS SIDE OF JEALOUSY)! We’ll be having fun contests Mon-Thurs and a #SSSequels twitterchat with loads of giveaways next Thursday (June 20) at 6:30pm EST. Read more about it here.

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