Hi! The Playwright and I spent a few days last week at my parents’ and it was so nice! We intended to hang out by the pool but the weather didn’t cooperate (it was gorgeous out but unseasonably cool). We did get to go kayaking on Thursday night with my dad, though!

kayaking with Steve
 Otherwise we watched a lot of I LOVE LUCY (my little sister S’s favorite show) and played with Mom’s new kitten, Moxie. She’s ten weeks old and a bundle of mischief who is endlessly amused by things like chasing her own tail or a crumpled-up bit of paper. She had to be put in time-out one night because she got super wound-up and bite-y but mostly she’s just really sweet and hilarious.


Anyway! I wanted to let you know about 3 current contests for copies of STAR CURSED:

  • Over at Dark Faerie Tales, I wrote a (hopefully amusing) list of Dos and Don’ts for Young Ladies Who Wish to Conceal their Magical Natures
  • Wondering how authors find their critique partners? At Jean Book Nerd, I wrote a guest post about how I found mine and how lost I’d be without them
  • ​As part of the Authors are Rockstars tour, I’m at Fiktshun explaining why I chose Cate as the protagonist for the Cahill Witch Chronicles​ (there are two giveaways there – one international!)

​Also – if you’re a writer and interested in what themes or characters might be popping up again and again in your work, you might like this article my husband wrote for Howl Round about dramaturging his own plays. I love how thoughtful he is about his work and how he’s been making it a point to be more inclusive in casting women and POC.


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