Foreign Cover Roundup

When I first started writing YA back in 2007, one of the first books I read was Richelle Mead’s VAMPIRE ACADEMY. I’m a huge fan of the whole series, and I’m super excited about the movie! One of the reasons I queried Awesome Agent Jim was because he represented Richelle and several other authors whose work I loved. Anyway, I read Richelle’s blog regularly and I loved seeing all the awesome covers for foreign editions of her book.

Someday, I thought, in a daydreamy sort of way. Wouldn’t that be amazing? I wrote “have a shelf of foreign editions” on my first “authorly dreams” list.

Last night I stumbled on the cover for the Japanese edition of BORN WICKED on Tumblr and I had a total Is this my actual life?! moment. I am so crazy grateful to Penguin’s foreign rights department and to publishers in other countries who are taking  a chance on my books – and of course to my readers in other countries. It feels a little like magic to hear that people are reading about Cate in countries I’ve never visited.

Anyway, all this is to say: look! (you can click to embiggen)

BW - Spanish edition

BW – Spanish edition

BW - French edition

BW – French edition

BW - Japanese

BW – Japanese edition

BW paperback in the US and UK

BW paperback in the US and UK

BW hardcover in the US similar design used for German, Turkish, Italian, & Swedish

BW hardcover in the US –
similar design used for German, Turkish, Italian, & Swedish editions

What do you think? Which one is your favorite? Isn’t it cool how varied they are? I love seeing such wildly different interpretations!

(We’ve also sold rights for Hebrew, Russian, Brazil (Portuguese?), and Indonesia, but I don’t have any info / haven’t seen those covers yet.)

I also love the German take on STAR CURSED, which follows the original US hardcover look. I can’t wait to see which cover the other editions use – or whether they come up with something utterly new!


SC  – German edition

SC - US edition

SC – US edition


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  1. Erin S

    Love the German ones! And the French! And the US/UK! All of them!

    PS–Thanks for posting this! I decided a couple days ago that someday I want a bookcase full of foreign editions of my favorite books, so this was super helpful. 🙂

  2. Linnea

    I really love the old copy of Born Wicked and the German cover for Star Cursed! I really hope the Swedish Publishers choose the german cover!!

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