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Congratulations to Angie at Pinkindle, who won my first SISTERS’ FATE giveaway. Thank you to everyone who reviewed STAR CURSED in order to enter. I’ll be doing more giveaways this spring!

The book’s dedication is, in part:

To my sisters, Amber & Shannon, without whom I couldn’t have written all the love & bickering between the Cahill girls.

When they were both home for Thanksgiving, my sisters took a picture in front of my parents’ Christmas tree with the ARC! See? How cute are they?

sisters with my book


I covet both of their sweaters.

In other news: You can read a fun interview with Finn over at Fiction Fare, where he answers questions like: What drew you to Cate? What did you think when she left the church at the end of BORN WICKED? How did you feel when you first saw her in Richmond Square in STAR CURSED? And what do you really think of Maura & Tess? It was super fun to do an interview from his point of view. You can also enter to win copies of both books!

Also, I’m still sending out personalized bookplates to anyone who’s gifting my books for Christmas! You have until Wednesday at noon to fill out this form. (It’s okay if you’re gifting them to yourself, too.)

I hope you’re all having a very merry holiday season. The Playwright and I had our ninth annual Christmas party on Saturday, which is one of my favorite new traditions. I made three kinds of cookies (cardamom sugar, Reese’s cup, and orange) and he made savories and we had cranberry champagne vodka cocktails and bourbon milk punch and played a ferocious round-robin gift exchange and took a group photo. There was  a very tiny fire when some tissue paper got too close to a candle, but it was quickly extinguished. Otherwise it was all very fun! I hope your holiday gatherings are similarly full of cookies and cocktails (if you are old enough and so inclined) and friends, and that if anything catches on fire, it’s only a very small fire.

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    1. Sorry, E! One of my resolutions for 2014 is to blog more regularly! I want to do a couple of weekly features to keep me dedicated. Any ideas? What would you like to see more of or read about?

  1. sarahappifanie

    Cardamom sugar! That's a fabulous idea. One of the best things ever is this – watermelon juice. Blend watermelon chunks with some lime juice and cardamom. Amazing. So amazing. I hate where we live now but I really want to move back north (Maine-ish) home and have holiday parties. So nice.

    Erin, I get the email notifications! The forgetful girl's best friend 😀

    Your sisters are super cute!

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