Weekend Update

Oh, weekends, I love you.

Five reasons my weekend was fantastic:

1. I went to yoga! Class was hard, and I was embarassed that I’ve gotten so out of practice. I fell out of balancing poses left and right; I didn’t flow so much as heave myself from posture to posture; I was shaking like a leaf doing squats. But I showed up. Yay me!

2. I read a really really good book, Lisa McMann’s Wake. I don’t tend to go for thrillers, but this one had a great hook: Janey falls into other people’s dreams. I sympathized with the protagonist right away; she’s funny and smart and determined, but she has an alcoholic welfare mom and no one to turn to with such a huge secret. The book was a super-fast read. It made me laugh out loud and then cry. I got it from the library, but I liked it so much that I may put it on my Christmas list so I can own it. I’ve been on a mission to get my husband to read some YA besides Philip Pullman and J.K. Rowling, and I think he might like this one. Recommend highly!
3. After living in our "new" apartment for 2.5 months, we finally picked up some home goods yesterday at Target. We got
this rug for the living room, and a white shag for the bedroom, and a new red tablecloth at Target. We got floater frames at Michaels and finally put up our gorgeous new Etsy artwork. As a result, our home looks distinctly more homey. Yay!

4. I am now hooked on another guilty-pleasure show, thanks to

‘s recommendation. The CW just slays me. It’s Privileged. The basic premise is that Megan, a Yale grad who wants to write the next great biography, gets hired as a tutor for two crazy-rich Palm Beach teens. And, harking back to Jessica & Elizabeth Wakefield, there’s a good, studious sister (Rose) and an evil, conniving sister (Sage). Her boss is their grandmother, a powerful, trailblazing woman who can introduce Megan to all sorts of fabulous people. And of course there’s drama in the form of Megan’s estranged sister. And there are love interests in her BFF, who clearly carries a torch for her, and the rich boy next door (possibly now dating her sister). It’s on at the same time as Fringe, which I am also intrigued by, but that’s what Sunday-night replays and TIVOs are for.

5. Revisions are coming along nicely. I was totally overthinking things last week and freaking out. I decided to focus on tightening up some plot issues and ax a few characters first. Then I’ll rewrite the ending, which sorely needs some attention and a bit more closure. And then I’ll turn my attention to world-building details, upping the tension, and adding more of Molly’s thoughts. It feels good to have a plan…One of the things I was worried about was the pace of the first seven chapters, but I cut 14 pages and 4500 words this weekend. I think it should flow better and more quickly without them. In any case, I’m having fun with it again. And that is good, too.

I like lists.

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