Six Things on a Saturday

1. I never knew people had such passionate opinions about cheese! I love it. Next time my LJ is feeling lonely, I’ll just ask for further cheese recommendations.
2. I had the best breakfast ever. Warm raspberry scone with a skim vanilla latte. Nom. Unfortunately, my writing/coffee date with Steve was made of fail. I can’t seem to draft with music, and there were loud talkers nearby (on a true coffee date, I think) and Girl Scouts peddling their adorable wares outside the big window. I’m still learning how I work, and it turns out that while I can edit very well with those kind of distractions, I can’t actually write. Instead I made a list of things I know about Em and her life. I’m having trouble getting into my cupcake book. I can’t seem to nail her voice the way I want.  Like, I just read E. Lockhart’s The Boyfriend List and I want to be best friends with Roo. She’s so painfully real and funny and self-aware and not. I want to give her a hug and maybe some boy advice. That’s how I want readers to feel about Em. Any suggestions on how to accomplish that?
3. I got propositioned in the shampoo aisle this afternoon after politely exchanging hellos with a stranger.
Creepster guy: Hey, do you have a boyfriend?
Me: No, I have a husband.
*scuttles to other end of aisle, hopes he will go away. he doesn’t. reluctantly go back to searching for my conditioner*
Creepster: Think your old man will let you make new friends?
Me: Uh, no.
Creepster: Are you sure? New friends can be better than old friends. You know what they say.
Me (flabbergasted): Er. Um. No.
Creepster mutters something about the way my jeans fit while checking out my ass.
*flees with my Pantene to dairy aisle and safety of husband*
Ew ew ew.
4. I read three incredibly fantastic books this week. I’ll write more about them later. I’ve noticed that I seem to go in cycles where I’m either reading quite a bit, or writing, but not both. I can’t seem to wrap my head around more than one fictional world at once. Does anyone else experience this? I think it’s time to focus on writing again now. I’ve done quite a bit of editing/revising this year on the Garolass book, but haven’t produced many new words. I feel bizarrely guilty about it, like if I were a Real Writer I would be producing much more. And my brain feels itchy. 
5. We’re finally going to see Dante’s Inferno at Synetic tonight. Steve saw Marisol last night at Forum and liked it a lot. I feel like I’ve been falling down on the theatregoing lately. We did see our friend in The Receptionist at Studio Secondstage last week. She was fab, the other actors were great, the play was not.
6. My friend Alissa got into two grad schools! Rochester Institute of Technology and University of South Carolina. Yay! She’s an awesome ceramic artist. I’m not very visual/spatially oriented–I tend to what a written description of what it means, which is kind of not the point of visual art–and so I find it totally fascinating to hear her talk about her work and her process. I’m so proud of her!

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