Question Friday: April Showers Edition

I’m totally stuck coming up with an either/or theme for today. I think this gray sky has somehow fogged my brain. I know it’s only April 3, but I am so ready for May flowers! 

So tell me:


What are your 5 favorite things to do on a rainy day?


Mine are:


  1. Drink tea. (I just made some Earl Grey.)
  2. Read. (I ended up buying The Season and Audrey, Wait! the other day, so I’m good to go! I may have also ordered September Sisters and Going Too Far. Oh Amazon Visa and Amazon Prime, you are foul temptresses!)
  3. Nap. (Alas, this is frowned-upon at work.)
  4. Curl up and watch movies with Steve and the cat. (Steve wants to rent the new James Bond tonight. I want to rent the first season of Friday Night Lights. Who will win? Will the cat provide a tie-breaker vote?)
  5. Bake. Or cook. (I’m trying to cut back on the baking and the calories therein, but I’m making pasta with black beans, spicy tomatoes, peppers, onions, and garlic for dinner! One of my faves.)

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