I had the best birthday weekend!

On Friday: Steve took me out to dinner at one of my fave Mediterranean restaurants, Cafe 8. We drank a bottle of wine and I had fantastic swordfish and falafel and flatbread. Afterward we caught up on the last two episodes of Dollhouse. And whoa, that last episode blew me away. I love how this show consistently surprises me. I am glad that I gave it another chance.

On Saturday: I read and slept and cleaned in preparation for our Cupcakes & Cosmos party. And oh the cupcakes! Have a picture. Or two.

I made
banana with honey-cinnamon icing. Rosaline made those gorgeous chocolate ones with swirly mint buttercream and tiny chocolate chips. Alissa made my favorite, fabulous moist chocolate cake with a very light raspberry buttercream. Joel and Steph brought me cupcakes’ "dirty cousin," Krispy Kremes. Laura and Mike and Chris brought me awesome assortments. I ate like FIVE cupcakes, y’all. And it was good. We talked about books and movies and new houses and reminisced about our crazy college traditions.

I love how, even after eleven years, I still just love my college friends so much.

On Sunday: I curled up reading Uglies with the cat and fell asleep to the snapping of rain on the roof. It was deliciously cozy. We went to a BBQ with Steve’s grad school friends, where I was treated to a carrot cake and lots of bday wishes and felt all special. Then we went to the Gilbies, their big end-of-the-year drama department awards, where Steve’s thesis play won Best New Play AND Best Mainstage Production! It also won for Best Sound and Best Crew. I was very proud. I was also very excited that at the reception they served the famous Georgetown Cupcakes. It’s like they knew this weekend was all about the cupcakes.

So much sugar. And so many Facebook messages and blog messages and texts and phone calls. I feel very blessed. Everyone should feel so loved on their birthday! 

Oh, and also: Jill C. won the $25 gift certificate to the indie bookstore of her choice! Thanks to everyone who played! 

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