Worldbuilding Help

I am about to launch into a hopefully-final-before-querying round of revisions on my Garolass book. I’m going in armed with dozens of notes from myself and from my critique group. I haven’t even looked at the ms in two months, so I’m feeling some healthy objective distance.
One common critique has been that I need to strengthen the world-building, expand on the differences between our world and Garolass. So I ask you, dear readers: what are some elements that make worldbuilding successful for you?

Here is my little list:
  • language differences: slang? curses?
  • religion: do they believe? worship? rituals?
  • government: representative? oppressive? monitoring? hereditary or elected?
  • tech differences: communication? limits of bio/med-tech? entertainment?
  • appearances: both how people look & fashion
  • social hierarchy: what makes a have vs. a have-not? wealth? talent?
  • culture: status of art? music? theatre? books?!

What about you? What do you most want to know about another world? 

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