Question Friday: BBQ Edition

Hamburgers, hot dogs, OR veggie burgers?

Mustard OR ketchup OR mayo?

Pasta salad OR potato salad?

Veggie kabobs OR corn on the cob?

Strawberry shortcake OR blueberry cobbler OR raspberry crumble OR something else?

Bonus: What’s your 4th of July tradition? When I was a kid, we used to go to my grandparents’ cabin. We’d swim in the lake, swing on the hammock, and my uncles would set off some minor fireworks. We’d throw down cherry bombs and write our names with sparklers. Now that we live in D.C., we’ve been going to Liz’s for a relaxed BBQ with friends and wine, and then we walk down toward the Capitol for the big fireworks.

Whatever you’re doing, hope you have a wonderful, relaxing weekend! 

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