I Am Querying

I sent out my very first queries today.
I also received my first two rejections. It was very comforting, though, to go to the Blueboards and read about how some authors whose books I’ve loved have been quickly rejected by those same agents. If I don’t get any bites, I’ll know that I need to work on my materials more. But I honestly feel that the the ms is the best I can make it right now. I have spent two years on it, two years learning how to write again and then–more importantly–learning to revise and take criticism and run with it and revise more. I hope I’ll continue to learn and grow, that my best will get better. But right now…I have done my best. I have taken this great big scary leap into trying to get published. I know it’s a leap lots of people take, that it’s often a very long and discouraging process.
But I’m sort of proud of myself today, no matter the outcome.
I decided that every time I get a form rejection, I’m going to buy a new book that I think will help me become a better writer. Today I wandered through the local Capitol Hill kids’ bookshop, The Fairy Godmother, and picked up two award-winners: An Abundance of Katherines and Savvy. I just read Paper Towns and loved it. It was so funny and it felt so heartbreakingly true. I knew anxious witty geeky kids like Q who crushed on these magical larger-than-life creatures. I mean, ok, I was a kid like that. Possibly less witty. Anyway, now I’ve got to read the whole John Green ouevre.
I love the word oeuvre.
I also treated myself to a massage today. It was lovely and relaxing. I think sometimes I get so stuck inside my head that I forget to pay much attention to my body, you know? It was great to reconnect. And, ohmystars, I need to develop better posture. I do way too much hunching-over-keyboards.

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