Pleasantly Caffeinated

I am organizational OVERLOAD.

Or maybe that’s just the caramel latte. It’s my new favorite drink.


Our housewarming is on Saturday! I’m so excited! We’re expecting about thirty friends. I’m making Classic Brownies and Raspberry Crumb Bars and also Lemon Bars. Thank God for Smitten Kitchen, because I know that any recipe from that site will turn out scrumptious. I am also premixing Ginger Mojitos and Limoncello Spritzers. Tomorrow’s going to be busy, cleaning and baking and making our house shiny and welcoming.


Our friend Meg is coming down from NY for the weekend and I can’t wait to see her. We’re going to Sticky Rice tomorrow night to celebrate her arrival with sushi and tater tots. There may be porch drinking after. I love our porch to tiny pieces, especially now that it feels so very September. Last night I wrote outside for two hours while the light faded and a squirrel ran along the wrought iron railing and a citronella candle glowed at my feet. I might have to hang some wind chimes and a yellow ‘mum or two to make it idyllic.


I am also poking at my synopsis. Well, ok, more like beating at it with a stick. And I’m working on my pitch paragraph and my agent spreadsheet. I’m hoping to carve out a few hours this weekend to sit down and read through the printed-out ms with a critical eye and a purple pen. I am primarily on the lookout for places where I can say more with less, where the lazy telling creeps in instead of showing.


Randomness: I am crushing on Liz Phair again and I wish I could listen to that playlist at work. Alas, it is very NSFW. I am also getting my hair cut tonight for the first time in about six months and really, really looking forward to the scalp massage. Isn’t that everyone’s favorite part of the haircut?


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