6 Things on Saturday/Sunday

1. I had two peanut butter cups for breakfast. Happy Halloween! 
2. I am catching up on the awesome Morganville Vampires series by Rachel Caine. I finished Feast of Fools this morning and am now on to Lord of Misrule. I love these characters, especially Claire and crazy Myrnin. The action and the unique worldbuilding (I love vampires who are both sympathetic and genuinely fearsome!) make these books quick reads. This is book 80 for the year, so I’m on track to meet my goal of reading 100 books in 2009.
3. We just put together about 40 bags of candy: Reese’s, Smarties, Snickers, M&Ms, and some kind of creepy gummy body parts.
4. I’ve never had trick or treaters before, really. Growing up, we lived in the middle of nowhere and would maybe get a handful of neighbors. Since college, I’ve lived in apartment complexes. (ETA: we got about 40 kids. Some of whom were not actually in costume. WTF? Also, some late-teen girls were either taking candy for themselves or feeding it to their little babies. Also-also, I ate all the remaining Reese’s before sending the candy off with Steve to his rehearsal.) 
5. I am 1500 words away from meeting my end of October goal of 15K.
6. I’m not doing NaNo. I’m tempted, but I’m already 15K into Garolass2 and don’t want to have to start something from scratch. And I’m expecting edits from my agent any day now. But I’m going to try to write at least 30K in November, using all the writing fervor for inspiration. And I’m cheering on all the brave souls who ARE NaNoing.


Edited to add: Okay, I’m a day late, but I hit 15K! The first four chapters are going off to a few early readers to see if I’m heading in the right direction. Today’s 1700 words were inspired by Smarties and Sprite Zero.

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