Christmas Party ’09

One of my favorite holiday traditions is our annual Christmas party, now in its 6th year. I love filling our house with friends and food and cheer.

This year Snowpocalypse threw a little curve into that. I was oblivious to the weather forecast until Friday morning, when my coworker told me we were expecting 10-20" and my response was OH HELL. I still went home and made Oreo Truffles and Cranberry Bliss Bars and cleaned the house, hoping in vain that the weathermen were wrong. 

But then I woke up at 8:30 (unheard of, ungodly hour for a weekend!) to a winter wonderland. Snow poured down steadily all day and so did the regretful RSVPs.

But it was so pretty, I couldn’t stay disappointed. We got 20 inches of snow! I’m pretty sure that’s the most snow I’ve seen since I was 16. It was a December record for DC and the 7th biggest storm here ever.

We ended up having a small but merry band of guests: our four friends who live on Capitol Hill and could trudge through the silent, snow-filled streets. We played Killer Bunnies (a card game) and drank four pitchers of poinsettias. Steve was in charge of savories as well as shoveling, and he made tuna-filled eggs, cucumber-salmon sandwiches, and tomato-mozzarella crostinis. We played a very abbreviated round-robin gift exchange and talked of our families’ holiday traditions. ‘Twas cozy and wonderful, and I fell asleep feeling very blessed indeed.

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