Today is my birthday! I am 30.

I was kind of freaked out about it a few weeks ago, but now I’m good.

Want to see some pictures?

You may notice a certain theme. 



For awhile I was embarrassed to love pink. It’s so…girly. Cute, you know?

See, I have this voice. It’s very high-pitched. I smile a lot, and I’m bouncy, endlessly enthusiastic about things, and I look younger than I am. I have this crazy curly hair and I’m short and curvy and…cute. I get called cute a lot. I used to think it went right along with being the girl who was just a friend, never a girlfriend. I got sick of it, especially when guys said it in this condescending way. I started to think cute was stupid. Being cute was a detriment. It went hand in hand with being patronized and underestimated. 

But I love pink. Just like I love floaty dresses and cupcakes and mascara and Gossip Girl and Taylor Swift. Not one of those things preclude being smart or talented. 

And damn if my pink hair isn’t cute.

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