Fashion Friday: Holiday Party

I’m thinking ahead to the holidays today. More specifically, holiday parties. We always throw our annual extravaganza the weekend before Christmas, and our friends always throw theirs the weekend before that, so traditionally I need two cute outfits.

This year, naturally, I went to ModCloth. All the dresses below are under $100. Most of them are red because I ♥ red dresses.

Carafe of Vino                                        Crimson Intentions                     Frosting Cookies                           Ruby Blooms

Up A Notch                                               Under the Dark Sky                        Ravishing Rosette                       Maroon Five Slits

In a flurry of optimism, I ordered the Ruby Blooms dress earlier this week. It is tiny. Like, the Large barely fit over my hips, and even with tights, it would’ve been a bit indecent. And I’m only 5’3". I will be returning it. But I just ordered both the Ravishing Rosette and the Up a Notch, which I suspect will be more flattering for my body type. I was tempted by the Crimson Intentions, but the ruffles are a little much for me.

What do you think? Which one would be your holiday party pick?

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