You Are Awesome

Internet, I think we could all do with a bit of cheer.

And you know what? I think you are awesome. 

Last Spring, Karen Healey encouraged her readers to comment and tell her why they are awesome. It was really fun to read the comments. I would like to offer you the same opportunity! Her idea was particularly geared toward the ladies, because many ladies have an unfortunate tendency toward self-deprecation, toward thinking we are perhaps not enough. Good enough, talented enough, thin enough, enough enough? I do that. In fact, the other day I was flipping out a little because I didn’t believe I deserved some upcoming awesome opportunities. My therapist made me tell her why I deserved a place at the table. And I had to really think about it first, because praising myself does not come naturally. Anyway, I am happy to hear why menfolk are awesome, too. But I will yell at any of you who phrase it like, "I have cool hair but am not pleased about the size of my ass" or "I don’t suck at painting." None of that, okay?

In fact, try for at least THREE reasons you are awesome. If you are a writer, tell me one good thing about your writing. Everyone has strengths! What are yours? Feel free to tell me more than three! Do not worry about boasting or sounding silly. I am already convinced of your amazingness.

Here, I’ll start. *takes deep breath* I’ll do five.

I have fantastic handwriting.
I write swoony kissing scenes.
I am a tactful yet helpful critique partner/friend. 
I am an excellent cheerleader. 
I have a fabulous memory.

How are you awesome? 

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