Saturday 6

1. I am watching the Ravens game right now, even though my husband isn’t home. This brings my fandom to a new level.

2. Speaking of the bril playwright husband, he has a show going up the next two weekends at the DC Arts Center. It’s called A CRE@TION STORY FOR NAOMI, and it’s funny and interesting, a thought-provoking exploration of various creation myths and the need to stay connected in an increasingly digital world. It’s only 75 minutes long and tix are only $15. More info here.

3. I watched my first-ever episodes of Dr Who last night (the Matt Smith version). I’m smitten. The Doctor’s charming, yeah, but I think I’m most entranced by Amy Pond’s hair.

4. I just read and really, really enjoyed FIVE FLAVORS OF DUMB by Antony John. It’s about a girl who manages her high school’s dysfunctional rock band even though she’s deaf. Piper is awesome–clever, not hesitant to use her "disability" to her advantage, struggling with her family and her dad’s refusal to learn ASL and their choice to borrow some of her college money for her baby sister’s cochlear implant, believably clueless about boys. I loved reading about her coming into her own. Mild spoiler: she dyes her hair pink! Love.

5. I’m also reading excerpts from both my crit partners’ new books as they write them. Both of their projects are, imo, the best things they’ve written so far. *squees*

6. I’ve declared January a reading month for me. I tend to either read a lot OR write a lot, and I’m still getting a handle on the new Dead City Theatre idea, so I’m going to give in to the urge to just read and drink lots of tea. On my reading list: ACROSS THE UNIVERSE, THE VESPERTINE, CRYER’S CROSS, CONFESSIONS OF THE SULLIVAN SISTERS, HARMONIC FEEDBACK, PURGE, and THE IRON KING. I have a whole TBR bookshelf, and yet I’m already looking forward to a trip to the Strand when I’m in NY for SCBWI.

How’s your weekend going? What are you reading?

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