Fashion Friday

Ooh, I have sucked at blogging this week. I’ve been off brainstorming for another round of edits, due next Thurs.

But guess what? I got my first advance check! It’s so exciting! I got a little teary when I deposited it this morning. I still can’t believe that I’m getting PAID to do something I love. It makes it all feel a little more real.

Now, important question: besides responsible things like paying off my debt (God, I cannot wait to give Visa a big eff-you) and refinancing our house and setting up retirement accounts–which dress should I buy?

This Flower Stand Dress from Anthropologie is my current favorite, but I am a tad worried about the length since I’m a shortie and they don’t have it in petite.










I am also very fond of the Rosie Posie Strapless and the super-gorgeous Petit Fleur from Betsey Johnson.

What about you? Planning any summer splurges?

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