The Playwright woke me up this morning by bringing me a box filled with my books.

It was pretty much the best thing ever.

Forgive the crappy iPhone quality; the colors are much more vivid in person. They are GORGEOUS. The ARCs have a velvet-touch cover and shiny coppery foil and, oh, they are so PRETTY. Editor Ari wrote the nicest letter to readers inside. And they have all my words! For people to read!

It’s really kind of incredible.

I have a book! And it’s all book-shaped!

I am very happy.


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  1. I'm psyched about this book- ever since the summary and the cover reveal!!
    And I love when authors tweet about getting ARCS- they aren't even mine- but its like Christmas lol
    Congratulations Jessica!

  2. Eeeee! They look fantastic, Jess! It must be wonderful to finally hold your book in your hands. Flip pages! Look at a spine! So happy for you!!!

    So my next question is… When are you hosting a giveaway? 😉

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