Part 1: San Diego

We’ve had the most amazing weekend in San Diego. I actually turned to my friend Jill on Friday and exclaimed that I can’t believe she gets to live here. Some highlights:

* seeing the high school campus where Jill works, which is totally gorgeous and has classrooms that open onto a courtyard. I felt like I was at Sweet Valley High.

* having lunch with fellow Apocalypsie Lissa Price

* celebrating my friend Tiffany’s new book deal with her and a giant slice of cake

* walking on the beach in Coronado and seeing dolphins cavorting

* amazing swordfish tacos

* champagne cocktails & people-watching during a lengthy dinner outside in the Gaslamp Quarter (so many hilarious Halloween costumes! and a zombie crawl!)

* watching the seals in La Jolla* visiting Mysterious Galaxy books, an awesome indie bookstore, & buying Jill lots of thank-you presents

* after hearing of its wonders for a long time, finally going to Extraordinary Desserts and having a heavenly blueberry cream cheese coffee cake

* cuddling with Jill’s adorable dog Rosie

And now we’re off to drive up the coast to Santa Barbara!

Happy Halloween, everyone!


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