Breathless Reads 2012 + Links

Hi! I’m so excited! Look at the poster Penguin made for the upcoming Breathless Reads tour!

Isn’t it super-shiny? Note the spaces underneath our book covers for us to sign! I have my pink pens totally ready. The Breathless Reads Facebook page has all the tour info!

I have also been doing some interviews here and there around the internets:

A BTL Bullet-Point Five on the Penguin BTL blog. BORN WICKED releases next Wednesday in Australia and New Zealand!

Want to see what dress I’d wear if I were a debutante? And find out why I stopped writing for a few years? Check out my guest post for Lisa at Bad-Ass Bookie.

And last but not least, I really enjoyed answering these great questions for Usagi at The Witch of Theatregoing. Beware, though, if you haven’t read the book yet — they’re a bit spoilery!

I just got my itinerary for my bookseller tour next week! I’m having dinner with booksellers here in DC on Monday, then traveling to NYC on Tuesday, then Boston on Wednesday. I’m so excited! I get to talk to other book-people about books (mine and all the other books I have read lately that I’ve loved. I’m more comfortable book-evangelizing about other people’s books, honestly!)! I get to dress up and stay at fancy hotels! I get to ride the train and have loads of reading time (finally, BITTERBLUE!). AND I get to finally meet Amazing Editor Ari! I’m going to have lunch with her and Agent Jim and go to the Penguin offices! Could I be more excited? No. No, I could not. I will be sure to take pictures and report back!

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  1. Rachel

    Yay! I can pick it up next week seeing that I live in Melbourne 😉

    P.S. Please,please,please come visit your fans down under.

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