Finished Copies

While I was away last week on my bookseller tour (more about that soon!), guess what arrived at my house? (If you guessed 20 super-shiny finished copies of BORN WICKED, you’re right!)

The Playwright and I had this idea to build a fort out of them and put Monkey in it. Because we are huge dorks. Unfortunately, Monkey did not really want to sit nicely inside the fort and pose for a picture. Even with treats inside, he kept jumping back out. He’s a stubborn little thing.

And here they are stacked on my bookshelves! I’ll probably move some of them up to my office, but at the moment I was concerned with making sure they were off the floor, where Monkey couldn’t vomit on them or anything. (There was a close call earlier.)

And my fabulous Uncle Mike & Aunt Eileen sent me an early present — a BORN WICKED pillow. It totally matches my couch! I love it.

Only 9 more days left until release. EEP!

Also, today is the beginning of my blog tour, hosted by the Teen Book Scene! Check it out! I will be tweeting away with the links!

Also-also, if you are interested in coming to my book launch party, please don’t forget to RSVP! I need to make sure we have enough books and brownies!

I am now going to bed to finish re-reading GRACELING (which I love so so much), so that I can start reading BITTERBLUE tomorrow. I am also very excited about that.

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