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Hi! Sorry for the sparse blog posts — my deadline for STAR CURSED is next week, so I’ve been writing lots, just not in blog form. A few announcements, though:

I did a fun interview with Giselle the Pink French Sock Monkey at C.J. Redwine’s blog. Want to know what my favorite French thing is, which fairy tale character I’d like to be, and what dessert best describes me? Read the interview here.

I did an interview with Meghan at Books and a Cup of Tea here — you can find out what emotion I most want to evoke from my readers, and my strategy for dealing with negative reviews. (Note: I have one or two more interviews in my queue, but after that I’m going to be focusing on my STAR CURSED edits for awhile. I’ll be doing more interviews and guest posts this fall to promote the BORN WICKED paperback release and STAR CURSED.)

Penguin is giving away 100 copies of BORN WICKED on Goodreads here (US only)(closes April 23).

I also did a #BreathlessChat last night with Andrea Cremer, Marie Lu, and Beth Revis. I really adore these ladies, and we had so much fun. You can watch the whole video conversation here. There was much silliness, but hopefully also some good writing advice?

And if you didn’t get a chance to ask a question during the chat, you can always email me at cahillwitch (at) gmail (dot) com, or ask through my Tumblr! (You can also see lots of pictures of Victorian dresses I think my characters would wear on my Tumblr.)

I’ll be posting more book recommendations soon, but for now I wanted to say happy book birthday to J. Anderson Coats’ THE WICKED AND THE JUST. It’s set in 1290s Wales and told from the dual povs of Cecily, a spoiled English girl whose father’s just moved them to this heathen outpost, and Gwenhwyfar, the sullen Welsh girl who serves as the spoiled brat’s maidservant. With Welsh revolt simmering, we eventually get to see how the girls behave when the power’s flipped. Frankly, neither of them are very nice — but they’re both remarkably sympathetic and interesting, which is better. I  read this early and I loved it!

Coming tomorrow: a post on Teen Book Con. With pictures!


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