Friday Finds

Here are a few of my favorite finds this week:

fashion: We Will Not Be Shushed T-Shirt

article:  “The Distress of the Privileged” 

art: Literature-Inspired Quote Prints (I am torn between “I am half agony, half hope” and “Do I dare disturb the universe?” for my office.)

giveaway:  Corsets, Cutlasses, and Candlesticks (note: this is the new historical fiction blog I’m contributing to. There’s a monster giveaway including a signed BORN WICKED, GILT by Katy Longshore, and FIRE by Kristin Cashore, along with lots of swag!)

listening to: “Rabbit Heart (Raise It Up)” by Florence + the Machine. I saw them this week in concert and Florence Welch is like this amazing mystical bird.

reading: SPEECHLESS by Hannah Harrington

books out this week that I most want to buy: TEN by Gretchen McNeil (Though it should be noted, I already have an ARC of Libba Bray’s THE DIVINERS.)

watching: CASTLE, Season 4. Trying to catch up before I get too behind on Season 5.

working on: line edits for STAR CURSED. Doing a final close read this weekend, and then it’s off to copyedits!

What about you?

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  1. I love Florence + The Machine – such great music to write to (very atmospheric)!

    This week I discovered a new-found love for Jane Eyre. I studied the book at school and never liked it or the characters very much. I’ve seen various film adaptations and they didn’t change my mind. But I just watched the new film version and now I love it. Michael Fassbender finally made me realise why Jane fell in love with Rochester!

  2. Love how you set up this round-up including a bit of everything.

    There is so much going on right now for me. This week is very busy with school and work as I prepare for Anime Weekend Atlanta. I'm still doing the blog thing and the weight loss thing so that's been an interesting (but time consuming journey). I'm still working on trying to get more authors onto the blog 🙂 *hinthint*


    1. Hey K8! I'd be happy to do an interview on your blog – you can email me questions at cahillwitch (at) gmail if you want!

      Good luck with the WW – I'm getting back on the horse today after taking a week off during deadlines. Hopefully I haven't undone too much hard work with all this takeout…

      1. froze8

        Wow! It's taken me forever to respond to this! Sorry!

        I just sent you interview questions 🙂 Hopefully you will get them soon!

        Thanks! I've been off WW for a while now, I was doing good before I got on my school break so we'll see how I am when I get back to school. It's very hard to lose weight, that's for sure!


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