5 Things That Make Me Smile

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1. I’ve been learning to do something new at work that’s actually kind of interesting! I don’t love the copying and filing and invoice-paying and mail-opening that comprise my job. But I have been trying to be more grateful lately for the fact that I HAVE a job–and one with fab benefits, at that. I’ve been trying to take more pride in a job well done and more interest in the creation of our books, because books are always cool and someone’s baby, even if our subject matter (mostly theology and philosophy) doesn’t interest me much. Anyway. I’m learning how to do cost accounting, breaking down the printing, design, composition, typesetting, and archival costs for each of our summer/fall books. It’s neat. I like the challenge of learning new things and taking on more responsibility.

2. Went to a Christmas party last night with Steve’s grad school friends. I was nervous beforehand because when I went to a Super Bowl party there last spring, I had a social anxiety attack of sorts. No one but me (and later Steve) knew, but I was still embarrassed about being so lame. Anyway. This party was awesome. There was crazy-strong Norwegian punch (I abstained) and these amazing little sandwiches with pickles and cream cheese (did not abstain–so good!) and pepperoni bread and YUM. There was a very silly round robin game involving some sexy coupons from Spencer’s and a bottle of Boone’s Farm, among other gifts. I won a bottle of riesling. I also drank rather a lot of pinot noir and then drunk-dialed my friend Meg on the way home (I was obviously not driving).

3. I cut a scene Tuesday night. It was the first scene I wrote for my book. A snippet of it served as a prologue until I decided I didn’t need a prologue. Now the longer scene doesn’t serve the story anymore. My MC has a different driving relationship with her family, and she needs to have this particular revelation in a more active way. I’m proud of myself for recognizing that and letting it go.

4. My Christmas cards are all officially in the mail! After I stop by B&N tonight for another round-robin gift, I will be finished Christmas shopping too. Yay!

5. Only 1.5 more days of work left! Then I have off until Monday, January 5th. I can’t wait!

BONUS: Tonight I’m trying a new recipe for red-pepper pesto. I’m excited. I am also thinking a nap before working on some new material for Chapter 14. I am in such a groove lately that I really missed writing yesterday.

What’s making you smile today? Share!

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