I adore awards shows.

I love the glamour of it all. I liked how they put on an old-school show this year, complete with dreamy singing and dancing host. It makes me happy when the little indie film (Slumdog Millionaire) wins. I appreciate when there’s obvious emotion: Heath Ledger’s family sweetly accepting his award on behalf of Mathilda; pugnacious little Sean Penn admitting he makes it hard to like him; the screenwriter for Milk encouraging gay children to be themselves; Anne Hathaway tearing up at Shirley MacLaine’s tribute to her. I enjoyed how they brought out past winners to congratulate the nomineees.
And I love the fashion. This year I was a little bored with the plethora of silver and white dresses. What’s up with all these pale, skinny-mini actresses wearing white? They disappear into it, and it’s so boring! I loved Nicole Kidman when she had some curves and wild red hair. My favorite (favorite of all) was Taraji P. Henson. Thought she was letter-perfect: hair, makeup, dress, statement necklace. Jennifer Aniston looked pretty too. And Tina Fey was a knockout in that plunging silver dress. Funny and sexy. My favorite black dress was actually Vanessa Hudgens’. At first I wasn’t sure about the detail on the bodice and the fishtail hem, but it was fun and she’s young. Diane Lane was a close second. I liked Angelina Jolie’s emerald earrings, but otherwise? Meh. I usually really like Kate Winslet and Reese Witherspoon, and obviously they’re beautiful women, but their dresses did nothing for me. Just not a fan of the weird overlays and fussiness. In the realm of color, Amy Adams was adorable. I’m biased toward anything red, and I really covet her necklace. Thought it looked better in person on her (well, on TV) than in the pictures. Liked Alicia Keyes’ plum number, too.
But maybe my favorite picture of all? The Slumdog Millionaire kids. Talk about adorable.

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