Revision, Round Four

Just sent my Garolass book off to two more kind souls who have agreed to read it.
I spent the weekend incorporating some suggestions from my original critique group. This is the second time or third time they’ve all read it now, and it’s so interesting to see their reactions. Laura caught all my typos. Alissa gave me an artist’s perspective and great character notes. Liz, astute reader that she is, pointed out little inconsistencies. Chris focused on worldbuilding. Jenn did everything: attacked my bad habits (especially ellipses, which I will henceforth be supercautious about using); squeed at the love interest; corrected paragraph breaks; remarked on character arcs both good and inconsistent; told me when my transitions sucked. 
I love my friends. But now the book is with people who have not known and loved me back for the last ten years. It’s a little scary, but it’s good.
I have a list of a dozen or so things I still want to fix up, but I’m starting to feel like querying is not too hideously far off. I’m a perfectionist, but at some point I know I have to let go and send it out into the world. It’s comforting that the latest round of notes has been, on the whole, pretty minor things. Sentence or scene level changes, not huge structural stuff or intimidating character changes. Highly fixable stuff. 
Now I’m going to take a break from Molly’s world and work on my magic cupcake Valentine’s Day love book. I’m going with some friends to a spa this weekend, and I’m bringing my notebook and a batch of cupcakes with me.
I’m making a trip to the bookstore before I go, hoping to pick up Shadowed Summer. A good Southern Gothic ghost story seems perfect for reading by the fireplace, right?
You know what else I really want to read? The Forest of Hands and Teeth. Generous author Carrie Ryan is giving away some copies here. You should go enter! Or even if you don’t enter, go look at her fabulous header! I love those spooky red trees.

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