ANTM Cycle 12

Am so entertained by the various tales from Team Castle that I contemplated joining Twitter. But I already spend far too much time on the internets. But it’s tempting. But I mustn’t!

Thoughts on America’s Next Top Model (why, yes, I was very busy today):  


* Are they encouraged to go batshit insane when they see Tyra, or are they really that insanely excited?

* Celia on Tyra: "This woman is amazing. She’s an entity. She’s a force. She’s…extraterrestrial." *snerk* INDEED.
* There are some really beautiful girls, and then there are some who…need those makeovers. Oh my.
* Honestly? I think full-figured Kortnie rocks that bikini better than a lot of the skinny-minis. "Disproportionate" my ass, Mr. Jay.
* Is it just me, or do a disproportionate number of these girls look like aliens? Is alien-pretty the new ugly-pretty?
* I was all set to root for big-eyed, quirky Allison until she revealed that she’s fascinated by blood. Ew. That’s taking our national fascination with vampirism a little too far, my friend.
* Sandra is gorgeous but mean. Could they edit any more shriekingly that SHE IS THE VILLAIN? Do we want to take bets on which episode she’ll break down, cry, and reveal her inner insecurity?
* I’m kinda glad Angelea is gone; she reminded me too much of Dominique. If you don’t want to be thought trashy, perhaps you should refrain from engaging in a trash-talking catfight at your very first photo shoot. And lose the enormous press-on talons. 
* Jessica is probably the straight-up prettiest, but I love Fo’s look. And Aminat’s. I kind of like London’s street-preacher hippie thing too.
* Miss J on Celia: "2 cups of crazy in those eyes." Hee.
* What a cute fashion shoot theme! (kids on the playground)
* Judging: what is up with Mr. Jay’s hair here? Is that a bowl-cut wig? 
* Is Tyra going to mention Teyona’s wind-tunnel face every time?
* Fo is my favorite; I love her freckles!
* Wednesday: makeover episode! Yay!
* Except, oh noes, it looks like Fo’s going to freak out about her hair! Somebody always cries. Will it be worse than Elena and her red curly ‘fro last season?

Did you watch? Who are you rooting for?


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